• 1. Our Weekly Pool Service & 3 Step Power Treatment Includes

A weekly maintenance card is placed and updated each time ANY service is preformed on your pool

  • 2. THE POOL CHEMISTRY (Pool Chemicals and Water Balance)

  • 3. CIRCULATION SWEEP (Pool Equipment Checks)


* Included with the Full Service PlanSince customer satisfaction is our number one priority a Weekly Pool Report is updated and left in your timer box each time your pool has been serviced.For More Information Please Feel Free to Contact Us.

Drain and Acid Wash

  1. Waiver Company policy states will not proceed with a Drain and Acid Wash until the waiver is signed even if the Drain and Acid Wash is scheduled - per government policy.
  2. Draining the pool (Day 1) A Professional Pump will be brought out to your pool that will drain your pool in no more than 4 hours. This pump can drain around 10,000 gallons per hour.
  3. Acid Wash (Day 2) During this step we go ahead and remove all the algae and leaves we can and bag it all up. When the pool is finally empty we will go ahead and precede with acid washing with a buffer so that it doesn’t hurt your pool walls and keeps them looking brand new. Everything will then be neutralized and we will proceed to the next step. We make sure to take our time when doing this step because it is very important to us that you are happy with the outcome.
  4. Refilling of the pool (Day 2) We will go ahead and start refilling the pool and call the customer to let them know we are done with the acid wash. Before leaving the technician will start filling the pool back up and ask the customer to turn it off when it is full due to the fact that it takes several hours for the pool to refill.
  5. Start up Chemicals and Finishing touches (Day 3) We will then come back on the third day and balance all chemicals to turn the tap water into pool water that is safe for you and your family to swim in. These chemicals are included in your estimate. Before we are done we will once again vacuum the pool and recheck all chemicals to make sure they are all balanced.
CAUTION: Results vary due to pool conditions, although you will see a substantial difference. Price for Drain and Acid Wash varies on the pool size due to the amount of chemical and time consumed to make sure your pool is well taken care of. Call us now for a quote or more information. We do not perform Drain and Acid wash on Fiberglass and Vinyl pools.



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